Parking Lot Advocates

Biz Card Parking CARDED!
Were you “carded” by a member of our volunteer parking lot patrol, or would you like more information on joining our ranks? Beyond the Disability has developed a business card-sized parking ticket that can be placed on the windshields of cars parked in handicap spots without a handicap parking permit. The card issues a gentle reminder to those illegally parked in designated handicap spots, helping them avoid a ticket while spreading the message that handicap spots are reserved: not for those in a hurry but for those with mobility challenges. By placing these cards, members of our parking lot patrol can confidently and non-confrontationally advocate for individuals with disabilities. Order cards now  and advocate for individuals with disabilities in a parking lot near you!

What does the law say?
handicap parking space While there is some variation in handicap parking laws from one state to another, parking in a handicap spot without the proper placard or license plate is a violation of the law in all 50 states. Fines for a first offense are often roughly $250, and consequences can include community service or an impounded vehicle. Those who have been granted a handicap parking permit must display it clearly to avoid penalties. It is also illegal to park in a handicap spot using a placard or license plate granted to an individual who is not present.

Contact your state’s department of motor vehicles for state-specific information on handicap parking regulations.

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