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Melissa Lear Melissa Lear, Chief Executive Officer and Manager Disability Services

Melissa Lear brings over 20 years experience in the healthcare field to her role as President and Director of Disability Services. Melissa has MBA from St. Xavier University, Paris, France, and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems. She has experiencing owning and managing a home care agency and has worked in case management servicing patients with medical disabilities for over twenty years. Her work experience with disability employment services include:

  • Interacting with People with Disabilities to provide healthcare services;
  • Organizing, marketing, and conducting an employment disability awareness conference;
  • Community leader serving on various non-profit boards;
  • Established relationships with secondary education institutions, post-secondary education institutions, Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies, and Employers for recruitment and service referrals; and
  • Professional business networker skilled in leveraging business and community contacts to get program participation.

Beyond the Disability was founded in 2012 by Victoria Mavis, a business owner, best-selling author, senior human resource professional, and an individual with a lifetime mobility disability. Victoria has dedicated her unique skill set and personal perspective to understanding the problem of disproportional unemployment affecting those with disabilities and shaping solutions. Grounded in Victoria’s research and training, Beyond the Disability dispels the misconceptions surrounding employment of those with disabilities, helping employers see the value in employing people with disabilities as they shift their focus from disabilities to abilities.

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