Art Helping Disabilities

Though 90 percent of people prefer doing business with companies that hire individuals with disabilities, only 20 percent of the population with a disability is employed. Beyond the Disability is committed to changing this statistics for people with disabilities on a local level through programs focused on art.

We can help because we understand the pain of…

  • Not fitting in because you’re ‘different’;
  • Uncertainty that anyone would hire you due to your physical, mental, or emotional limitations;
  • Embarrassment from being unemployed or underemployed;
  • Challenges of maintaining mobility when your bodily functions are limited;
  • Fear of rejection because of your inabilities, losses, or failures; and
  • Not knowing what to say or how to support individuals with disabilities.

Regardless of your inabilities or those of your loved ones, Beyond the Disability helps participants overcome life hurdles so they develop work skills and lead an independent lifestyle.

Check out our website to find out more. It may seem complicated-but it’s actually pretty simple for you to get involved and help others. Consider the following as a start:

  • Participate in our workshops;
  • Purchase our jewelry products online or at the Art Ability Studio in Bono AR;
  • Have a “Beads and Beverage” party at your work or with your friends;
  • Volunteer to assist in our workshops or during studio hours;
  • Recommend someone you know for scholarship to attend one of our workshops for free;
  • Tell others about our mission and send them this website; and
  • Visit often as our programs are in continual development.

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